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A Colombian aquaculture partnership between DG’s sister company El Dorado Developments, LLC, and Indaqua, SAS, Trina is sensitive to postconflict concerns, specifically in the Boyacá region which was especially affected by the Colombian Conflict. By providing viable employment, coupled with educational opportunities and community integration, Trina hopes to contribute to the reconstruction of Colombia’s social fabric, keeping rural communities intact and slowing migration to cities.

About Us

"Chicken Of The Andes"

Trina is more than a business venture: it is a socially conscious, postconflict community-building initiative. We sustain the local communities around our production facilities, we have established a regional collection center within hours of an international airport, and we responsibly manage the export process while guaranteeing a fair return to our farmers. At our technical-training centers, we provide local workers with marketable skills, and we have updated local farming facilities to international sustainability standards.

Socially, Trina has three goals: 1) Slow migration from rural communities to cities; 2) Raise the standard of living in rural areas; and 3) Consolidate Colombia’s rural aquaculture industry to make it more competitive, while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Together, these goals will improve Colombia’s national food security, while also responsibly supporting its rural communities.


IA and Dewhurst Fish Company, SAS (DFC) have formed a joint venture, Trina, SAS to accomplish both goals. 

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Following the economic opening of the 1990s, Colombia's industry and producers have sought to position their products in international markets. Currently the agricultural and livestock industry is one of the most important in the country and has one of the biggest possibilities for further growth. This project offers us a product of high demand and international quality.

The collapse of the Pacific fishing basin presents not only an opportunity but also the need to guarantee food security for the nations, this while making an effort to supply the global deficit that this implies. For this, it is necessary that the food production complies with environmental sustainability, productivity, and efficiency standards.

Strategic positioning for shipping logistics constitutes a competitive advantage in its maximum expression. To this, we add that the production of trout in Colombia is located in close realization with unique ecosystems that need to be preserved, due to low-impact activity in places seriously affected by the country's violence processes. For more than 25 years this business has been developed as pioneers in different processes, such as the importation of food specialized in sustainability and efficiency, unique recirculation system designs, on of the largest investments in aquaculture research at the private and public level. This has been carried out by IA, a pioneer in the development of all industrial recirculation systems in the country. Now we can combine the expertise of these two companies to make this project a reality in a unique environment in a country with the geographical position (considered the best in the continent), and a unique historical moment, that allows us to rewrite history the future of Colombia, its productivity, sustainability and progress of the countryside.


Design & Communications specialist from the University of Los Andes with a focus on visual communications and marketing, specializing in brand management, digital strategies, and sales integration. With ample experience in directing creative teams and in the development of marketing strategies for various industries and sectors in the region.

Marck Vargas Kolesnikov

Carrera 7F # 151A - 16

Bogotá, Colombia 110121​



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