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Our Company

El Dorado Developments, LLC, was established in 2020 to serve as a holding company for various development projects initiated by the Dewhurst Group. Together with Induaqua, SAS, El Dorado has formed Trina, SAS, a Colombian aquaculture initiative that will consolidate and manage trout farms owned by Induaqua. Trina focuses on producing and exporting sustainable trout from Colombia. El Dorado Developments is an American company and is Induaqua’s sole partner on Trina.

Learn more about TRINA >>>

Warren Dewhurst, PhD, PE

El Dorado’s founder, Dr. Warren T. Dewhurst, has a long history of developing projects and partnerships within Colombia, Russia, and Norway. El Dorado Developments is a sister company to Dewhurst Group, LLC, founded by Dr. Dewhurst in 2009.


German Alejandro Barerra

Mr. Barerra is a young, patriotic farmer from the moorlands of rural Colombia, and is the founder of Induaqua. He wants to improve conditions for Colombian farmers as well as for his country.


Kara Dewhurst, PhD

Dr. Kara Dewhurst has been working in the environmental field since 2012 and has experience working in Colombia. She earned her doctorate in sociology, with a focus on corporate sustainability and renewable energy policy, from the University of Virginia in 2017.


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