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ESIA Services

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Dr. Kara Dewhurst

The Dewhurst Group and its sister companies Trina and El Dorado are all committed to social and environmental responsibility and to investing in local communities. Our chief environmental consultant, Dr. Kara Dewhurst, has a unique background in renewable energy policy, corporate sustainability, and social and environmental consulting. She specializes in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and stakeholder engagement and can conduct both quantitative and qualitative studies to meet your project's objectives. Whether you are looking to meet international or local sustainability standards, are interested in sustainability certifications, or simply want to add value for your stakeholders, the Dewhurst Group is here to assist you. Please contact us to learn more about our sustainability services and initiatives.

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

  • Environmental and Social Management Plans

  • Quantitative or Qualitative Demographic Surveys

  • Stakeholder Engagement Plans

  • Sustainability Certifications and Compliance

  • Capacity Building 

  • Community Development Initiatives

  • Grant Writing

  • Sustainability Benchmarking and Reporting




With over 5 years as a professional geologist and environmental analyst, Ms. Salcedo has supported the assessment of environmental and social impacts and risks as well as the development of adequate management plans and programs. For each project, she can meet both local and international applicable standards including International Financial Corporation (IFC) Environmental and Social Performance Standards and World Bank Group’s Environmental and Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines. She has worked on projects throughout Latin America and has in-depth knowledge of international law, including environmental conventions and treaties.

Vanessa Salcedo

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