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The Dewhurst Group (DG) provides very specific services to exclusively support geothermal exploration and development around the World.

DG provides scientific management, data processing, and analysis services. Founded by Warren T. Dewhurst, Ph.D., P.E. our Company features prominent internationally recognized geologists, geophysicists, and engineers with unparalleled experience in volcanology, geophysics, inversion theory and interpretation. We specialize in resistivity imaging using our own equipment and methods and can also provide complementary data such as shallow temperature measurements, gravity, magnetics, and seismic data. Combined with geological mapping and geochemistry, DG provides an independent evaluation of a site's potential for exploitation.

We have a solid reputation for completing a wide array of projects under both complex and demanding circumstances. Our professionalism, work ethic and integrity are sound – we will commit to projects only if we can complete the required work properly, as scheduled, and within budget.

Warren T. Dewhurst

Warren T. Dewhurst, Ph.D., P.E.
Managing Member



This year, the Dewhurst Group is proud to announce its partnership and strategic alliance with RESPEC, Inc. Read more...